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Versute Investments is an investment and advisory company operating as a manager of Private Equity funds mainly in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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We are an investment and advisory company acting as a manager of Private Equity funds investing mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises. We also invest our own capital in the form of co-investments and actively manage portfolio companies of the funds.

We are currently a manager (General Partner) of BHS Fund II. – Private Equity, investment fund with a variable capital, a.s., and its sub-fund BHS Private Equity Fund.

“We invest with care, responsibility and with the aim of creating stable value and thus ensuring an attractive return on the capital provided to us. We structure our transactions as long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. In the investment process and in the management of portfolio companies, we use a combination of talent and all the experience and knowledge gained over the years. We embrace collaboration and ethical conduct as foundational principles.”

Luděk Palata

Founder & Partner Versute Investments s.r.o.


Luděk Palata
Bohumil Pavlica
Jan Kuthan
Marek šubrt

Investment strategy

Geographical scope

Focus primarily on companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that have the potential to be or are already present on foreign markets. Ability to also invest in companies abroad.

Sector of economy

Focus on businesses in all sectors, but with a primary focus on the traditional economy. This is where the team has the most experience.

Size of enterprises

Focus on established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises with proven concept and growth and innovation potential.

Investments should accelerate following areas

Expansion into new markets

Development of new products and services

Innovation – increasing added value

Productivity increase

Expansion of production capacities

Development of ownership

Possible investment structures

Growth capital

This form of investment eliminates the draining of funds to repay debts and all free cash can be invested in growth opportunities.

Leveraged buyouts

The fund looks for stable, healthy businesses with strong cash-flow, whose purchases could be funded by a combination of equity funds and bank financing. Subsequently, repaying the acquisition debt from the sources generated by the acquired firm is then one of the factors how the value of the shareholdings is increased.

Management buyouts

Many owners who established their businesses in the first half of the 1990s face succession issues. Investing in management buyouts enables existing managers to acquire ownership and strongly motivates them to further develop their businesses.


There are already many experienced management teams in the CR, who are looking for suitable companies, which provide an opportunity for premium valuation of the invested funds. The fund works with experienced HR advisors and management teams in identifying and realizing such opportunities.

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Luděk Palata

Ludek has been active in the private equity and venture capital fields since 1994 and is a founder of Versute Investments. Until 1998, he was part of several venture capital teams investing in the Czech and Slovak SMEs. From 1998 to 2005, Ludek, via E1CZ and SGrow entities managed activities of GIMV (Flemish Investment Company) sponsored funds in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Since 2005, Ludek was working for Riverside Europe Funds family and since 2013 Ludek has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Czech Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. During his 25 years career in private equity and venture capital, Ludek has participated in a number of investments and successful exits across Europe.

Bohumil Pavlica

Bohumil has been working for BH Securities a.s. (BHS) for nearly 17 years. Prior to his cooperation with Versute Investments and BHS PE fund (from 2015), he led the Sales & Trading department of BHS. He also has experience with debt financing and bond issuances as he is also responsible for fund focused on bonds and mentioned issuances at BHS. He has held several board memberships in portfolio firms and currently acts as an interim CEO in one of them. Furthermore, Bohumil is a member of Prague Stock Exchange committee. Before joining BHS in 2004, he had worked for Patria Finance and ČSOB as investment banker since 1997.

Jan Kuthan

Jan has been working for BH Securities a.s. (BHS) for more than 15 years. Prior to his cooperation with Versute Investments and BHS PE fund (from 2015), he worked as an investment banker since 1995. He has also held several board memberships in portfolio companies and currently acts as interim CEO in one of them. Moreover, Jan is currently is member of the Supervisory Board of BHS as well. Jan holds a university degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Marek šubrt

Prior to joining Versute Investments and BH Securities teams in 2019, Marek worked as a Corporate Finance Expert at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, as a Business Development Trainee at Penta Investments, as a Business Intelligence Intern at JetBrains, Credit Risk Analyst Intern at Exxonmobil, Intern in Investment properties at CBRE, an Intern at EY and Intern at AWT (PKP Group). He holds a Masters degree from VŠE with specialization in Management and Consulting, studied at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Germany and recently finished his MBA degree at the VŠE in cooperation with ZHAW School of Management and Law in Zurich.

Babičkin Dvor Agro Servis is a newly created entity in Slovakia, which produces feed mixtures for livestock. It is projected that the company will produce 40 ths. tons of feed mixtures a year mainly for poultry farms.

Babičkin Dvor Agro Servis a.s.

Investment status: Active

Year of entry: 2021

Investment type: Growth capital

DCK Holoubkov Bohemia, established in 1953, is nowadays mainly engaged in the production of outdoor low-voltage switchboard cubicles by using several technologies and materials (thermoset SMC, thermoplast PC, thin-walled concrete).

DCK Holoubkov Bohemia a.s.

Investment status: Active

Year of entry: 2020

Investment type: Leveraged Buyout, MBI

BOCO Pardubice Machines, established in 1994, is a leading manufacturer in the fields of plastics and rubber machinery manufacturing. It offers production and renovation of plastic and rubber screws, chambers, extruders, extrusion and recycling lines etc.

BOCO PARDUBICE machines s.r.o.

Investment status: Active

Year of entry: 2018

Investment type: Leveraged Buyout, MBI

Gevorkyan, established in 1996, produces metal components by innovative methods of powder methalurgy/sintering (PM) and metal injection moulding (MIM). The company possesses a unique know-how and has a top-notch R&D department.

Gevorkyan s.r.o.

Investment status: Active

Year of entry: 2016

Investment type: Mezzanine loan

PRP is a leading processor of coniferous timber in Slovakia. Its main commercial products are construction timber, prisms, beams and battens and planks. The company also handles subsequent transport of materials.

PRP, s.r.o.

Investment status: Divested

Year of entry: 2017

Investment type: Growth capital